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Time Tracking

After a Time Tracking record has been created, use the Approve Time Tracking tool to post the record. This session can also be used to make any modifications necessary before the record is posted. To learn more about creating a Time Tracking Record, see . Creating a Time Tracking Record

Posted records will no longer appear in the Approve Time Tracking session.

This session allows you to quickly and easily update existing time tracking records.

Approve Time Tracking Records

  1. In the Apporve Time Tracking tool, review the time tracking information. Click any column header to sort the time tracking records by that field. Drag any column header to group the time tracking records by that field. Drag the column header back into the workspace to remove grouping.

    If changes need to be made, do one of the following according to your organization's guidelines:

    • Make any changes necessary to the appropriate record(s).
    • Delete the status of any records that need to be edited so that the appropriate person can make the appropriate changes and resubmit.

      Note: Records with a status master code of "submitted" appear in the Approve Time Tracking session. Delete the status so the appropriate person in your organization can make changes and resubmit by changing setting status master code back to "submitted." Status code descriptions vary according to your organization's guidelines.

      Note: List specific information about what needs to be edited in the Notes field.

  2. The Posted Date field auto-populates with the current date and time, unless otherwise specified, when you post a time tracking record. If necessary, type a different posted date and time or select the date and time from the drop-down calendar.

    Tip: Among other possible reasons, you may need to specify a different Posted Date if you want the tracked time to appear on a pay period that ends prior to the current date.

  3. Change the Status of the record(s) you want to post to Posted.

    Tip: Use the Edit Multiple Records tool to post several records at once.

  4. Save the session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)

Note: Once a record is saved with a status master code of "posted," it no longer appears in the Post Time Tracking snap-in.

Caution: All records saved with a status master code of "posted" are permanent.