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Document Management

Document Management Screenshot

The Document Management tab of the Maintenance Console is used to configure the integration between JustWare and an electronic document management system.

  • The Document Management System (DMS) area is used to specify from the drop-down list which electronic document management system is being used.
  • The Allow Duplicate Case File Names box configures JustWare to allow a user to add a document with the same name as another in the same folder. Some DMS's (such as HP TRIM) allow duplicate file names, so users of these DMS's may want to select this box to allow it in JustWare as well in order to avoid conflicts between duplicate file names. If the box is not selected, JustWare will not allow duplicate file names even if the DMS does have them. This allows duplicate file names to be transferred from a DMS to JustWare without conflicts, but you cannot create a duplicate file name inside JustWare.
  • The DMS Options area is used to set the path name for the Web service that will be utilized to integrate JustWare and the electronic document management system.
  • The Credentials area is used to specify credentials used by the Web service to call the electronic document management system.
  • The External Number Type area is used to tell JustWare what type of number to send to the electronic document management system when JustWare calls it.


In order for the integration to work correctly, care must be taken selecting the External Number Type. An External Number Type must be selected that meets one of the following criteria:

  • In the Agencies snap-in, the record's Agency Type is unique.
  • In the Agencies snap-in, the record's Lead check box is selected.

By default, when adding a new agency to the Agencies snap-in, the Lead check box will be selected, marking the new record as the lead. Changes made to records in the Agency Type field do not change the selection of the Lead check box. For example, if the first record is marked as the lead and a second record is changed to the same Agency Type as the first record, the first record will remain as the lead. Consequently, it is recommended to ensure that the correct record is selected in the Lead check box prior to using the record for the external number type.