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Read-only Documents

Overview: JustWare allows administrators to define how users can work with different documents. You might use this feature to prevent certain levels of users from editing documents, or to avoid conflicting edits of the same shared document attached to a case.

Setting a Document's Read Permissions can restrict user access to different document types in the Filing Cabinet snap-in. Access might be restricted in order to prevent users from:

  • editing the original copy of a document
  • editing the same document simultaneously
  • unknowingly overwriting each others changes

Read Only Documents

Documents are set to read only in one of two ways. An administrator can set different document types to be Read Only. This will prevent anyone from editing the original document. Documents are also set to Read Only when another user has the same document open for edit. However, in either situation you can still make a copy of the original document and edit the copy and save it to the filing cabinet.

Not Read Only

Documents that are not Read Only are able to be edited and saved. The only thing that would prevent this is another user having the document open already.