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Payments for Discovery

Use the Authorized Names snap-in - located in the Discovery Packet Creation session - to see who has paid for discovery. Records can be added manually to this snap-in, if taking payments in person.

If a payment is made through the JusticeWeb Web site, then that record will automatically be added to this snap-in.

To insert a record manually, follow the steps below.

  1. Add a new record.
  2. Enter information in the fields provided. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Field Description
    Authorized Name This field displays the name that has paid.
    Non-collectable Financial Event This drop-down list will contain any non-collectable financial events that are associated with the name specified. Select an event to tie to this packet.
    Pending Use this check box to specify the status of the payment. For example, if a check has not cleared, leave this box selected. If this check box is selected, the name will not be able to download discovery from the JusticeWeb Web site.
    Price This column will remain blank until you save. Once you have saved the record, the price will be calculated based upon involvement type. Online fees will not be included in this price.
  3. Save the session.