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Email addresses for the person referenced in a name session can be tracked in JustWare. Users can easily record and quickly reference this convenient information.

Creating an Email Address Record

  1. Click the Email snap-in in any open name session.
  2. Add a new record.
  3. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.



    Email Type

    Select the email type from the list.

    Email Address

    Type the email address in this text box.

    Active Date

    Type the active date or select the date from the drop-down calendar.

    Tip: To enter the current date, press the space bar while the cursor is in the field.


    Enter details about the email address, such as "Does not check regularly", etc.

  4. Save the session.

Finding an Email Address Record

Search for an email address in JustWare using one of the following two methods:

  • If you know the email address: Enter the email address in the search bar and press Enter. Records matching your search criteria are displayed in a search session.
  • If you know the name with which the email address is associated: Open the name session and click the Email snap-in.