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Docket Terms

There are several terms that need to be understood when working with Calendar Dockets. To facilitate your understanding of these terms, some definitions are provided below.

Calendar Dockets are comprised of Docket Instances, which are comprised of Docket Events.

  • Calendar Docket: A Calendar Docket is a schedule of Docket Instances with specified criteria for the entire Calendar Docket. Each Calendar Docket is comprised of individual Docket Instances, and each Docket Instance is comprised of individual Docket Events. For example, a Calendar Docket can be created to automatically create a schedule of traffic hearings every Monday from 8:00-10:00 for the next six months.
  • Docket Instances: Docket Instances are the individual time frames (8:00-10:00). A Docket Instance would be the Monday time frame set aside for that Calendar Docket. Multiple Docket Instances are controlled by their shared Calendar Docket.
  • Docket Events: Docket Events are individual events within a Docket Instance. In the above example, the 8:00-10:00 time frame would be filled with 9 individual events.
  • Docket Calendar: The Docket Calendar is the tool used for viewing a Calendar Docket in a calendar form. The Calendar Docket is the actual docket, whereas the Docket Calendar is the actual calendar.