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Sentence information related to each charge can be tracked in JustWare's case session. Important sentence information like type, location, amount, status, and duration can easily be recorded and referenced.

Creating a Sentence Record

  1. Click the Sentence snap-in in any open case session.
  2. Add a new Record.
  3. Field


    Judgment (Charge/Defendant)

    Select one of the existing defendants and charges from the list. Note: All case charges with the corresponding charge involved person appear in the list.


    Select the sentence type from the list. Note: Sentence types are defined by your JustWare Administrator according to your organization's policies.


    Select the location to which the defendant is being sentenced from the list. Note: This list is defined by your JustWare Administrator. Locations can be as broad as "State Prison" or as specific as the entire name of the applicable prison.

    Amount From

    Type the minimum time of the sentence. For example, type "30 d" if the defendant was sentenced to 30 days. The amount automatically changes to "4 weeks 2 days" and the Amount From Description auto-populates with "30 days." Note: Type "m" for minutes and "mo" for months.

    Amount From Description

    The Amount From Description auto-fills with the value from the Amount From field. Type to specify a different amount from description. Note: This field only auto-fills the first time the Amount From field is edited.

    Amount To

    Type the maximum time of the sentence if the sentence includes a range. For example, if the sentence is "3 to 5 years," type "5 years" here. If the sentence is not a range (i.e. "3 years"), leave this field blank.

    Amount To Description

    The amount to description auto-fills with the value from the Amount To field. Type to specify a different amount to description.


    Select the status of the sentence from the list, if applicable.


    Type any related notes in this free-text field.

    Time Fields

    Use the Start, Duration, and End fields to record the event's timeframe. The three fields are linked together. If you fill in any two of these fields, the third will automatically populate. By default, the Duration and Duration Description fields are populated with 1 min.

    Note: If a Dispo Date has been entered in the Charge Involvements snap-in, the Start field is automatically populated with that date. The Start date may be changed without affecting the Dispo Date.

    Tip: These fields are helpful in figuring out release dates and probation end dates. You can enter the date the defendant entered custody and the duration of the sentence, and the release date is automatically calculated.

    • Start: Type the sentence start date and time, or select the date from the drop-down calendar.
    • Duration: Type the sentence duration (the amount of time the defendant has to complete the sentence).
    • End: Type the sentence end date and time, or select the date from the drop-down calendar.
    • Duration Description: Type a description for the sentence duration. This field initially auto-fills with the value from the Duration field, and will auto-fill again the first time the Duration field is updated. Note: If this field was previously empty and auto-fills, you will be prompted to save the record.


    Enter a short title or note for this sentence.

    Currency 1

    Enter an amount of money associated with this event.

    Currency 2

    Enter any additional amount of money associated with this event.


    Enter a date associated with this event.

  4. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)