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Name Attributes

The Attributes snap-in is used to record additional information about a person. The information tracked here is defined by your organization but is often additional personal characteristics and can include such things as gang affiliation, monikers, nicknames, whether the individual needs an interpreter, mental health history, or if the person is a registered sex offender. Frequently, these attributes are used to track statistical information for your organization, so remember to follow office policy in completing this snap-in.

Creating/Editing a Name Attribute Record

  1. Click the Attributes snap-in in any open name session.
  2. Add a new record.
  3. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.

    • Name Attribute: Select the attribute from the list (e.g. "interpreter needed").
    • Value: Type the appropriate name attribute value (e.g. "Spanish") in this free-text field.
    • Name Attribute Code: Select the attribute code from the list that you wish to use as a value for the Attribute. This is useful if you do not want to manually type in a value.
  4. Save the session.

Note: To add a duplicate attribute, add a new record row in the Attributes snap-in and select an attribute from the drop-down list in the Name Attribute field.

Finding a Name Attribute Record

You can find a name record by searching for a specific name attribute. For example, you may only know a person's gang moniker (the name by which they are known on the street). A search for the moniker helps you find the correct name record.

Search for a name attribute irecord n one of the following two ways:

  • If you know the name attribute: Enter the name attribute in the search bar and press Enter. Records matching your search criteria are displayed in a search session.
  • If you know the name with which the name attribute is associated: Open the name session and click the Attributes snap-in.