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Viewing the Unit Log

The Unit Log snap-in only lists the recorded notes for a physical location unit for the past 24 hours. To review older notes, or a complete list of notes, you must run the Unit Log Report.

Note: If you have made any recent changes or additions to entries in the Unit Log snap-in, they must be saved prior to running the Unit Log Report.

  1. In the Tools landing page, navigate to Case Tools > Physiclal Location.
  2. In the Location Name field, use the drop-down list to select the name of the physical location unit. This list contains all of the physical location records that have linked name IDs.
  3. Click on the Unit Log Report snap-in.

The entries in the report will be displayed with the most current entry at the top. Tip: The date range of this report defaults to the past 24 hours, but a different date range can be specified.