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Primary Relationships

The Primary Relationships and the Secondary Relationships snap-ins are closely associated. They display how people are related to each other. These snap-ins do not track case-related information; they track how people are related to one another in their personal lives.

JustWare conveniently links names in the database by relationships they have with each other (i.e. Alias, Parent, Doctor, Case Worker, Employer, Spouse, etc.). A primary relationship relates the current name to another name. For example, if the current name is the parent of another name in the database the child's name can be added as a primary relationship in the parent's name session.

When a primary or secondary relationship is entered in one name record, the related name record is automatically updated. For data entry consistency, it is highly recommended, however, that new relationships be added to the Secondary Relationships snap-in.

See Secondary Relationships for more information on secondary relationships.

Creating a Primary Relationship Record

  1. Click the Primary Relationships snap-in in any open name session.
  2. Add a new record.
  3. Fill in the fields provided:

    • The Name Above Is: Select the relationship of the person whose name session you are in to the person you are adding as a primary relationship from the list.
    • To This Person: Type the name of the person you are adding as a primary relationship and press Enter or click the search button to perform a name lookup.
  4. If the correct name does not appear in the results of the name lookup, you can add a new name record to associate by clicking New Name from the Actions group. Depending on your Default View Settings, either the new name record will open in the default name type view, or you will be prompted to select a Name Type to use in the creation of the new name record. Default View Settings are set in Basic Setup from the Tools landing page.

    Tip: Names automatically become hyperlinks when they are successfully added. Click the hyperlink or press Enter to open a linked name.

    Once a record has been added as a primary relationship, the name of the person whose name session you are in will automatically appear as a secondary relationship in the name session of the person who was added here as a primary relationship. 5. Save the session.

Finding a Primary Relationship Record

Search for primary relationships in one of the following two ways:

  • If you know the name of the primary relationship: Enter the name in the search bar or Name Search session and press Enter. Records matching your search criteria are displayed in a search session.
  • If you know the name with which the primary relationship is associated: Open the name session and click the Primary Relationships snap-in where primary relationships are listed.