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The Tools navigation section contains several tools that advanced users (both administrators and non-administrators) can make use of on a regular basis for a variety of tasks.

Accessing the Tools landing page

Click the Tools navigation section at the top of the JustWare to display the landing page where tools can be accessed from.

Tools dropdown menu

Click the arrow button next to the Tools navigation section to access a dropdown menu. You can launch the Tools landing page from this menu as well as access these other options:

  • Reset Current Session Settings: Reset the settings of the current session in your active tab (such as changes to column order or snap-in size) back to its default.
  • Enable Wildcard Search: Enable for the ability to use the asterisk (*) wildcard at the end of search terms.
  • Enable Soundex Name Search: When enabled, name searches will return results that are pronounced or spelled similarly to your search terms.

Tools Landing Page

The landing page contains the following groups:

  • Basic Setup: Configure your JustWare client settings such as font size, color, default views, barcode scanners, and document scanners.
  • Case Tools: Assign cases and locations.
  • Name Tools: Approve time tracking entries or detect duplicate name entries in the database.
  • Docket Tools: Contains Docket Calendar and Docket Manager for working with dockets.
  • Document Tools: Start a document search or install the JDA add-in.
  • Accounting Tools: Manage accounts, take payments, and work with deposits and vouchers.

Note: Tools you do not have permission to access will not be displayed on the landing page.