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Events are occurrences or incidents that occur in a specific case or for a specific person. Examples of events are court appearances, client meetings, and arraignments. Events can be created and viewed for any name or case session. The related Event Involved People snap-in in any session can be used to record the persons involved in an event. Events can be linked to each other as well as to other tasks, correspondences, or documents to easily keep track of all events on a case and show a hierarchal relationship between them. Events should only be created in a name session when they are not case specific. If the event is related to a case, create it in the appropriate case session. An event created in a case session appears in the Calendar snap-in of the name session of each person involved in the event. Each case-related event in a name session includes a hyperlink to the applicable case. The Events snap-in can track multiple events, past and future, providing a history and schedule of events associated with the case.