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Working With Snap-In Records

JustWare makes it easy to add records, delete records, copy records, and edit multiple records.

Adding a Snap-in Record

To create a new record, press Ctrl+I or click the + button. 

Deleting a Snap-in Record

Note: Some users do not have permissions to delete records.

  1. Select the record you would like to delete, and press Ctrl+Delete or the Delete Record button.

    A dialog box appears to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.

  2. Save the session.

Copying Records

JustWare includes a copy feature that allows you to copy a record many times with a few keystrokes. To create multiple records of the same type in any snap-in, you only need to create one record and then copy it as many times as necessary. In addition to simple copies, JustWare can copy records that include references to other snap-ins.

For example, you can enter an exhibit record and relate it to one charge on the case. Then, using the copy feature, you can easily copy the exhibit and relate it to every relevant charge on the case. You could also enter a sentence record and relate it to one judgment on the case, then copy the sentence and relate it to every judgment on the case.

  1. Select the record row you would like to copy.
  2. Click the Copy Record button or press Ctrl+Shift+W. A copy screen opens.
  3. Enter the number of copies you would like to create.
  4. Click Copy in the Actions group of the Explorer toolbar or press Ctrl+Shift+S.
  5. The record row is copied, and the copy screen closes.


  • If you are copying a record that is dependent on another snap-in (i.e. a charge or a judgment), you may have a list of Parent Records in the copy screen. The record will be copied to each selected parent record. For example, if you are copying a case exhibit record, the exhibit will be applied to each charge selected in the Parent Records box.
  • Auto-incrementing fields will automatically have their number incremented after being copied.

Editing Multiple Records

Editing multiple records is a powerful tool that can edit many records in any snap-in quickly and easily.

For example, a defendant is charged with 50 charges, 48 of which are dismissed. Rather than entering a disposition of "dismissed" 48 times, you can use the edit multiple records tool to modify all 48 charges in a matter of seconds.

  1. Select the snap-in that you would like to edit.
  2. Click the Edit Multiple Records button or press Ctrl+Shift+E. An edit screen will open.
  3. In the Column Name drop-down list, select the field that you would like to edit. An editable field will open of the type that you selected.
  4. Enter the content to apply to multiple records.
  5. Clear the check box for the records you want to remain unedited.
  6. Click Apply Edit in the Actions group or press Ctrl+S to apply the edit. The edit will be applied, and the results will be visible in the Records box.
  7. Follow the same process to apply any other desired edits.
  8. To close the edit screen, click Apply and Return or press Ctrl+Shift+S.