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The Tasks snap-in in JustWare is used to record and track specific tasks related to a name or case record. Tasks can include running a criminal history on someone, preparing a case folder, printing a label, notifying a witness, etc.

Tasks can be linked to each other as well as to other events, correspondences, or documents to easily keep track of all events on a case and show a hierarchal relationship between them.

Email or pop-up reminders can be set to remind specific task-involved people of a task.

Creating a Task Record

  1. Click the Tasks snap-in in any open session.
  2. Add a new record.
  3. Enter all relevant data for each available field. Not all fields are required. Contact your JustWare Administrator to learn what fields are required for your organization.




    This field specifies the priority of this task. You can change this by typing in a defining phrase or code. For example, you could type "low" for a task that has low priority.


    This field contains the name of the task. This is a free-text field, allowing you to name the task whatever you choose.


    Select a task type from the drop-down list.


    Select a task status from the drop-down list.

    Note: Changing the status to "completed" (or the equivalent term assigned by your administrator) and saving the case will remove the task from the Tasks snap-in.


    Type any related notes in this free-text field.

    Time Fields

    Use the Start and Duration fields to record the task's timeframe. - Start: Type the task start date and time or select the date from the drop-down calendar. - Duration: Type the task duration in minutes, hours, days, months, or years, including the unit (e.g. for 2 days, type 2d).


    Note: This field is not displayed in a case session.

    Use this field to look up a case to associate with this task.

    Parent Event

    Select the originating event from the list to which you want the new task to be linked.


    Select a task category from the drop-down list.

    Currency 1

    Enter any money amount associated with the task.

    Currency 2

    Enter any additional money amount associated with the task.


    Enter a date associated with the task.

  4. Save the session.

Tip: You may also associate involved people with task records using the Task Involved People snap-in.

Finding a Task Record

Search for tasks in one of the following two ways:

  • If you know the task date or type: Type the date or type in the search bar and press Enter. Tasks matching your search criteria are displayed in a search session.
  • If you know the name or case session with which the Task is associated: Open a JustWare session and click the Tasks snap-in.