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Configuring Auto Generated Name Numbers

In the Name Number Auto Generation Snap-in you can configure how auto-generated name numbers are created by making Auto Name Number Templates that JustWare will use when generating name numbers. Follow the steps below to create a customized Auto Name Number Template.

  1. In the Auto Name Number Templates snap-in, add a new record.
    • Name: Type the name that will be associated with this number type, i.e. Victim.
    • Number Type: From the drop-down box provided, select which number type you want to configure.
  2. With your new Auto Name Number Template selected, select the Generate Number for the Following Agencies snap-in. Specify which agencies will be associated with this auto-generated number by adding them to the grid.
  3. In the Auto Name Number Part snap-in, add a new record.add a new record. To configure how the number will appear, fill out the following fields:

    • Position: Type a number for the position of this part. For example, if you want this to be the first part of the number, enter "1."
    • Type: From the drop-down box provided, select the type. These types are defined in the Auto Name Number Increment code table and can be configured for your specific needs. For example, select Date to have this part of the number be a date.

      Note:If you have added types in the Auto Name Number Increment code table, you must save the code table before it will appear in the Type column of the Auto Name Number Parts snap-in. - DATE and TEXT Format: Type the format that will be associated with this part type. For example, if you have set the type to date, you could type "ddmmyyyy" to have the date displayed in that format, with the "d" meaning day, the "m" meaning month, and the "y" meaning year.

      Note:You will only use this field when dealing with Date and Text Part Types. For other types, leave this field blank.

    The Auto Name Number Part snap-in creates multiple parts that combine to create the desired format for your custom name number. 4. Repeat the previous step to add multiple parts that will combine to make the custom number desired. For each new part, change the Position to the next number in the sequence (e.g., "2", "3" etc.). 5. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)