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Non-collectable Financials

The Non-collectable Financials snap-in allows users who do not receive payments on financial obligations to keep a record of financial obligations. Records kept in this snap-in do not correspond to the accounting functions in JustWare.

Tip: Journal Technologies highly recommends that users who are not taking financial payments, but would still like to keep records of payments made or not made, use the Non-collectable Financials snap-in to avoid extra work that would be created by using the JustWare accounting system. For example, a probation agency that would like to see if a person had paid child support but is not collecting that money could use this snap-in to do that without setting up accounts in the JustWare accounting system.

It is standard to use Non-collectable Financials if you are not taking payments and to use JustWare Financials if you are taking payments; however, there are times when you would still use Non-collectable Financials even if you are taking payments. Contact your JustWare Administrator to find out which works best for your organization.

Creating a Non-collectable Financial Record

  1. Open the record with which you would like to associate the non-collectable financial record.
  2. Click the Non-collectable Financials snap-in.
  3. Add a new record.

  4. Enter all applicable information in the fields provided.

    Some fields may be required while others are not. Contact your JustWare Administrator to learn which fields are required for your organization.




    Select the type of financial you wish applied from the drop-down list provided.

    Currency 1

    Specify the currency amount by typing in a numerical value.

    Currency 2

    Specify the currency amount by typing in a numerical value.

    Remember: As with all fields in JustWare, the Currency 1 and Currency 2 fields can be renamed to represent any kind of currency you want to track.

    Charge OR Case

    Select the charge with which the financial is associated from the list.


    Select the case with which the financial is associated.

    Note: Which field is displayed is dependent on what type of session is active. In a case session, there will be a Charge field. In a name session, there will be a Case field.


    Select the status of the financial by selecting from the drop-down list provided.


    Type any related notes in this free-text field.


    Select a category from the drop-down list.


    Enter a short title to help keep track of this record.


    Enter a date associated with this financial record.

  5. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)