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Tracking Recipients

Use the Authorized Names snap-in to track Discovery recipients.

An important part of sharing discovery, or any information, is being able to accurately account for who has received it. JustWare has accomplished this by utilizing the Document Involved Names snap-in.

After a packet has been created, it appears as an item in the Filing Cabinet. Clicking on an item in the Filing Cabinet refreshes the Document Involved Names snap-in to show who has been involved on that Filing Cabinet object. Names in the Document Involved Names snap-in are ones that have received discovery.

If your organization does not utilize JusticeWeb, which lets you make discovery packets available online for download, you will need to add Document Involved Names manually into the Document Involved Names snap-in when Discovery has been received.

With JusticeWeb, once a discovery packet has been downloaded from your JusticeWeb Web site, JustWare will automatically add a row for each name record that downloads the discovery packet. Those will each be listed in the Document Involved Names snap-in.

Note: A packet that has been downloaded through JusticeWeb and has a Document Involved Name record cannot be deleted.



Authorized Name

Specify the name that is authorized to receive discovery.

Non-collectible Financial Event

This field is read only and displays the Non-collectible Financial Event that was created when the Discovery Packet was purchased.

If you are taking manual payments, this field can be modified to allow data entry. This requires a change to the JWXML for this snap-in.


Use this field to determine if discovery has been received or not or if payment has been received or not.


This field is the price of the discovery packet.