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Document Pricing

JustWare provides the ability to establish pricing rules that will be used to determine the price of a file packet. These rules can be configured to dynamically create prices depending on file size, type and involvement type.

For example, a packet containing 10 pages can cost 10 cents per page for a private attorney. That same packet can also be free for a Judge.

Where is the Document Pricing Rules Session?

The Document Pricing session can be found in the Admin landing page under Document Management > Document Pricing Rules.

How to Create Document Pricing Rules

You can create multiple rules that will determine the price of your file packets. Journal Technologies recommends creating separate rules for each price distinction. For example, if you charge 10 cents per page, create a rule that includes all Document Types that have pages, such as PDFs, that will be listed for 10 cents. If a public defender has a different price per page, such as five cents, create a new rule for all involvement types that will be paying five cents per page.

  1. In the Document Pricing Rules snap in, add a new record.
  2. Enter information in the fields provided. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Field Description
    Price per Unit Type a numeral that will represent the cost of the items in this rule.
    Description Type a description that can be used to identify what is contained in this rule. It is recommended that this be as detailed as possible to avoid confusion between rules.
    Notes Type any notes relevant to this rule. Be as specific as possible to avoid confusion.
    Activation Date Specify a date. The rule will not be activated until this date.
    Expiration Date Specify a date. The rule will expire on this date. Keeping expired rules in the Document Pricing Rules snap-in provides you the ability to track what items cost in the past. You can leave this field blank to have the rule become permanent.
  3. In the Document Type Selection snap-in, select all document types you want to use the price specified in the Document Pricing Rules snap-in. Use the Selected check box to select multiple Document Types.

  4. In the Involvement Type Selection snap-in, select all involvement types that will pay the specified price for the selected Document Types.
  5. Save the session.


  • If you are creating multiple rules at once, it is recommended that you save each rule before you create a new row in the Document Pricing Rules.
  • If you have overlapping costs, JustWare will by default take the higher of the two costs.
  • If an Involvement Type or a Document Type is not listed, there will be no charge. Use the Document Pricing Matrix report to ensure that all Document Types and Involvement Types have prices associated with them. This report can be view as a snap-in in the Document Pricing Rules session or from the menu in System Reports.

Where Can the Calculated Price Be Seen?

The final price will be calculated and displayed on the JusticeWeb Web site when JusticeWeb attempts to download the packet. The price will be calculated based on the involvement type of that user and the size of the packet.

Once you have established prices for each of the document and involvement types, you can view the calculated final price of a file packet in the Authorized Names snap-in, found in the Discovery Packet Creation session. To see the price, you will need to add a name so the price can be calculated according to that name's involvement type on the case.

Remember that the Base Price in JusticeWeb System Administration will be added to the calculated price. This will be included in the Authorized Names snap-in.

Billing Types

JustWare has been configured to accommodate different billing types, such as "Bill Me," or "Pay Now." Each involvement type that can be included on a case will have a Billing Type. By default, the Billing Type is set to "Pay Now."

These options are configured in the Case Involvement Type code table located in the Admin landing page under Cases > Case Involved People.

If a name is involved on a case more than once with different involvement types, JustWare will use the following order when considering Billing Type:

  • 2 - Free
  • 1 - Bill Me
  • 0 - Pay Now

If a name is involved on a case more than once with the same Billing Type on each involvement, JustWare will take the maximum amount to calculate the price.

A Billing Type of 2 - Free will override the base price when downloading a packet from the JusticeWeb Web site. Other Request Types will need to pay the Base Price.

The Payment Portal will launch with a Billing Type of 0 - Pay Now, or with a Billing Type of 2 - Free that has a Base Price associated with it. The 1 - Bill Me Billing Type will allow the JusticeWeb User to download without paying, and it will be your organization\'s responsibility to send the bill.