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Pending Deposits

The Pending Deposits snap-in can be accessed from Tools | Accounting Tools | Pending Deposits. This snap-in shows a list of all previously created deposits with a status of Pending based on your Collecting Agency, which is shown at the top of the snap-in. When you select a deposit the Deposit Details Report below will update to show the payments contained within the deposit.



Deposit ID

A unique identifying number that represents a single deposit.


The statuses available are Pending, Posted, and Void. Deposits with a status of Pending will be displayed in the Pending Deposits snap-in. Changing the status to Posted or Void will move it the Deposit History snap-in.

Start/End Date

Select a start and end date to select payments within that date range to be included in the deposit. By default the Start Date will be populated based off the End Date of the latest recorded deposit.

Deposit Date

This is an additional date field that can be used to record the date and time of when a deposit delivered to the bank. The field is only editable while in the Pending status.

Deposit Amount

The in-hand amount for the deposit.

Note: This amount can differ from the actual calculated amount but is recommended that it match the Calculated Amount.

Calculated Amount

This is the amount JustWare has calculated based off the sum of all the payments being included in the deposit.

Bank Number

Use this field to enter the desired bank identifying number.

Misc Number

Additional free-text field that can be used to record other information associated with the deposit. For example, third party accounting tool numbers.


Type any related notes in this free-text field.