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Code Tables

Code tables define the contents of drop-down lists throughout JustWare.

You access the code tables throughout the Admin landing page grouped under what the code tables concern, such as Cases, Names, and Events.

Note: Advanced users may choose to access the code tables directly through the Code Tables link in the General Configuration group of the Admin landing page. Using this method will list the individual code tables by name and requires more familiarity as to which code tables affect which drop-down lists. As this is not the recommended method for setting up code tables, this method is not outlined in this manual.

Most code tables include an Activation Date field and an Expiration Date field. These fields determine the effective date range of the code and whether it is currently active or inactive. These fields can be used to disable codes without the need for deleting them or using code partitioning. The state of activity of code tables that do not have these fields is determined by other code tables that they are linked to.

Note: The values used in the Activation Date field and Expiration Date field are compared using a client machine date value and not a server date value.

Remember: Activation and Expiration Dates you select for various codes may affect the results returned in the reports that you run, and you may need to adjust your reports accordingly.