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Location Assignment

JustWare's Location Assignment feature provides a quick and user-friendly way to record the location of cases and exhibits. Information can be entered manually, or a barcode scanner can be used for increased ease of use.

Assigning a Location for a Case/Exhibit

In the Case Tools section of the Tools group, click Location Assignment.

In the Location snap-in, select a location or a physical location from the Location field drop-down list. For example, select the person who will be taking physical possession of the case/exhibit for a period of time or a place where the case/exhibit will be physically located.

Note: If a location is selected, instead of a physical location, the Agency field will automatically be populated if an agency has not already been specified. If you select an agency from the Agency field, only the names of people associated with that agency will be available in the Location field.

Enter a case number into the Case ID field in the Case snap-in, or enter an exhibit number into the Exhibit ID field in the Exhibit snap-in.

Press Tab.

For an exhibit record, the remaining fields are automatically populated. For a case record, you may enter text in the Notes field; all the other remaining fields are automatically populated.

Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)

  • The information in the Location, Case, and Exhibit snap-ins is cleared from the screen.
  • Location assignment information for cases is updated in the Physical Location and Case Involvement snap-ins of the corresponding case and name sessions.
  • Location assignment information for exhibits is updated in the Exhibit snap-in of the corresponding case sessions.