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Email and Pop-up Reminders

Email and/or pop-up reminders are sent to remind specific event involved people about a pending event. These reminders include helpful information about an event and the name or case record with which it is associated.

The Current Reminders screen shows reminders that have been scheduled, and offers configuration options.

Although email reminders can be sent to anyone with an email address in their JustWare name record, pop-up reminders can only be sent to JustWare users when they are logged in. If a user is not logged in when the pop-up reminder is scheduled to appear, it will show up the next time they log in.

Email and pop-up reminders are set up for a specific event involved person when they are involved in the event. See Involved People for more information.

Pop-up Reminder Interface and Options

A pop-up reminder lists all event reminders in one small window, allowing you to view all reminders you have not dismissed.

Event pop-up reminders list important information about an event and the name or case record with which the event is associated.

Several options are available in an event pop-up reminder:

Open the case or name record with which the event is associated by double-clicking the event record. The record opens in your default view in a new session.

Change the status of the event if you have the proper permissions:

  1. Select the appropriate event.
  2. In the Change event status field, select the new event status. Note: You can only change the status of one event at a time.
  3. Click Apply To Selected.

Dismiss the selected reminder(s) or all reminders in the pop-up.

Snooze, or close the pop-up reminder and specify a time to be reminded again:

  1. In the "Click Snooze to be reminded again in"] field, select the amount of time you want to elapse before the pop-up reminder comes up again.
  2. Click the Snooze button.

Customize which fields are displayed:

  1. Click the field chooser button . The Field Chooser dialog box appears.
  2. Select or clear the check boxes next to the appropriate fields.

    • AgencyAddBy
    • Case Title
    • CaseID: JustWare case ID.
    • Case Type:¬†Case Court Number type.
    • CourtNum: Case Court Number value.
    • CourtNumType: Case Court Number type.
    • DefNum: Case Defense Number value.
    • DefNumType: Case Defense Number type.
    • Due in: Amount of time before the event begins.
    • Event Date: Event Date and time.
    • Event Location Des
    • Event Status
    • EventEndDt: Date and time the event is scheduled to end.
    • EventID: JustWare event ID.
    • EventLocation: JustWare event ID.
    • EventType
    • EventTypeCode
    • InvolvedNameID: JustWare name ID of the involved person.
    • LawNum: Case Law Number value.
    • LawNumType: Case Law Number type.
    • Minutes: Duration of the event, in minutes.
    • MinutesToEvent: Amount of time before the event begins, in minutes.
    • MiscNum: Case Miscellaneous Number value.
    • MiscNumType: Case Miscellaneous Number type.
    • NameType
    • Notes: Event notes.
    • PIP Involve Type: Involvement type of the primary involved person (i.e. defendant/client or plaintiff/respondent).
    • PIPNameID: JustWare name ID of the primary involved person.
    • Primary Person: Full Name of the primary involved person.
    • ProsNum: Case Prosecution Number value.
    • ProsNumType: Case Prosecution Number type.
    • ReminderID: JustWare ID of the pop-up reminder.
  3. Click the X button to close the Field Chooser dialog box.

    All selected fields appear in the pop-up, displaying specific information for each event.