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Related Cases

Case records can be related to other case records. For example, if a defendant is being charged a third time for driving under the influence, both previous cases can be linked to the current case. This way, anyone that reviews the case will be alerted of the previous cases.

Related cases are linked together. Every time you open a case, it displays hyperlinks to all related cases.

Relating Cases

  1. Click the Related Cases snap-in in an open case session.
  2. Add a new Record.
    • Related CaseID:
      1. Enter case search criteria in the field and press Enter to conduct a case lookup.  
      2. Select the appropriate case from the list of cases that match your criteria, entering more criteria if necessary.  
      3. The CaseID will automatically populate in the Related CaseID field.
    • Relationship: Select the relationship between the two cases from the list (e.g. Prior DUI).
    • Court Number: Read-Only. This field will automatically populate when you select a Related CaseID.
    • Case Description: Read-Only. This field will automatically populate when you select a Related CaseID. Tip: Case Descriptions automatically become hyperlinks when a case has been successfully added. Open a linked case by clicking the hyperlink or pressing Enter.
    • Parent: Select this check box to designate the related case as a parent of the active case session. A parent case is the lead case. Any cases related to the parent case are considered child relationships.
  3. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)

  1. Search for a related case in one of the following two ways:

    If you know the related case If you know the case with which the related case is associated
    Enter the related case in the search bar and press Enter. Open the case session and click the Related Cases snap-in.
  2. To access a related case, click the link in the Case Description field.

    The related case will open in a new session.