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Adding Users and Groups To A Profile

  1. In the Administrative Tools group, click System Administration .
  2. Select Security | Security Profiles .
  3. Select the Profiles snap-in.
  4. Add a new record. A new screen opens displaying two fields at the top: Name and Description.
  5. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk.
    • Name: Type a name for the security profile.
    • Description: Type a description that the user will view in the lists populated by this code table.
  6. Select the Profile Members snap-in. The content of the Profile Members snap-in is dependent on the selection in the Profiles snap-in. Note: If you are logged in as an administrator on the Web server, this snap-in will function normally. Response times will be longer than normal if you are using this snap-in as any other type of user.
  7. Create a new row in the Profile Members snap-in.
  8. Type search criteria in the User/Group box using the standard JustWare search rules (e.g., * for a wildcard), and press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon. The User Lookup box will appear, displaying all the users and groups that match your search criteria. Tip: Include the domain for active directory users.(e.g., [DomainName]\[UserName]).
  9. Select the correct user from the list, and click Use Name . The user or group name will be added to the list of profile members.
  10. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)