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Account Management

JustWare Account Management allows administrators to configure and maintain JustWare's security features to adhere to office requirements.

JustWare allows the safe, convenient storage of information about people and cases in one easily-accessible location. In order to maintain data integrity and security, JustWare uses several trusted security protocols to ensure that your data is accessible only by recognized users that you designate.

JustWare uses Microsoft-approved DPAPI for client-side security, which encrypts data using a master key. With Roaming Profiles, DPAPI still protects the data even when a user logs on to a different computer on the network, providing flexibility in a consistently secure environment. See Security and DPAPI for more information.

Data Partitioning provides added security by allowing you to control which agencies or users have access to specific types of data. For example, you could enable a certain group of users to view name records but not contact information contained in those name records. See Data Partitioning for more information.

Security Profiles enable you to dictate which information a user can access and what they can do with that data. For example, you could specify that a certain group of users be enabled to view records but not create, modify or delete them. See Security Profiles for more information.