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Number Type Code Table

This code table populates drop-down lists that can be found in the designated snap-ins of the following session types:

Session Snap-In List
Name Numbers Type

Note:The active number in several number types is also displayed in General Name Information.

Finding the Number Type Code Table

  1. In the Administrative Tools group of the Explorer toolbar, click System Administration.
  2. Follow this path to open the code table: 
    • Select Code Tables | Agencies. The Number Type code table will be displayed in the Number Type snap-in.

Tip:To access this code table through the Code Tables link in the Administrative Tools group rather than the System Administration link in the same group, click ctblNumberType.

Creating Number Type Codes

  1. Add a new record.
  2. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.
    • Code: Type a brief, unique code used to reference the corresponding item description.
    • Description: Type a description that the user will view in the lists populated by this code table.
    • Mask:Define the number of digits accepted in the field by entering a pound sign # for each digit and a hyphen - or other punctuation between digits. For example, for a phone number, the mask would be masked as follows: (###) ###-####; a Social Security number would be masked as follows: ###-##-####. Note:JustWare versions 5.x and later do not allow the setting of masks for ZIP codes and phone numbers through code tables, and masks for these must be set through the JWXML. Contact Journal Technologies Support for assistance.
    • Default: Select the check box to set this code as the default record for the number type.
    • Type:Select the correct code from among the following options: Note:Numbers 0-5 appear for Agency and Case numbers. Numbers 10-14 appear for Name numbers.
      • 0 - Probation,Parole,Pretrial,Other
      • 1 - Prosecution
      • 2 - Court
      • 3 - Law Enforcement
      • 4 - Defense
      • 5 - Non-Specific Agency
      • 10 - Social Security Number
      • 11 - Driver License Number
      • 12 - Misc Name Number
      • 13 - FBI Print Number
      • 14 - State ID Number
      • 15 - Custom Name Number 1
      • 16 - Custom Name Number 2
      • 17 - Custom Name Number 3
      • 18 - Custom Name Number 4
      • 19 - Custom Name Number 5
        **Note:**JustWare organizes all agency numbers into these agency
            number types, allowing users to more easily and quickly select
            the desired agency number during data entry.
            JustWare also organizes all name numbers into these name number
            types. Although JustWare allows multiple number type records of
            the same master code, only one can be specified as the default.
            There are certain places in JustWare where only the default
            number type number is displayed, even if there are multiple
            numbers of that master code type.
            Additionally, these number types can be used by reports to
            categorize and filter the results they display.
        -   Add to Counts:Select one of the following options:
            -   No
            -   Yes, but don't make lead
            -   Yes, and make lead
        -   **Notes:** Type any related notes in this free-text field.
        -   **Activation Date:** Type or select the date from which the code
            will be in use.
        -   **Expiration Date:** Type or select the date upon which the code
            will become inactive.
        1. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)