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General Configuration

In order for your organization to begin utilizing JustWare, there are a few general configuration pieces that need to be in place. Many of these configuration pieces are required to enable JustWare to work properly. The following list is a short description for each section.

  • Application Parameters: Contains configuration settings for domain NETBIOS, document directories, logging options, and various other settings you will want to review before using JustWare.
  • Business Rules: The JustWare Business Rules Manager enables administrators to set up business rules that automate important tasks, saving hours of case management time and helping to ensure the accuracy of information, documents, and events.
  • Code Filtering: Code filtering allows administrators to filter the choices available to users in a particular field based off the value of another field. For example, in the Events snap-in, code filtering could be used to make the choices in the Location field reflect the value selected in the Type field. If a user selected "Substance Abuse" in the Type field, only locations related to substance abuse would be displayed in the Location field, while if they selected "Driver Improvement", only locations related to that type of event would be displayed, etc. The combinations are as versatile as the rules you use. Code filtering can affect any snap-in on the user end.
  • Notifications: JustWare allows administrators to set up notifications to alert and remind users and administrators of changes that have happened in JustWare.
  • Zip Code Auto Fill: This section is used to configure US/Canadian zip codes to auto populate City and State fields in the Address snap-ins. A default ZIP code can be set in the instance that a ZIP code contains several cities or spans multiple states. An extended ZIP (ZIP + 4 numbers) can used for more detail.
  • Search Options: Search Result Options allows administrators to configure what information is displayed in search results for names and cases. Each agency can be set up with unique options. This enables different users to see the details in their search results that are most relevant to them
  • Header Options: Session Header Options allows administrators to configure what information is displayed in the headers of name and case sessions. Each agency can be set up with different options so different users can see the detail in their session headers that are most relevant to them.