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Default User Settings

JustWare allows administrators to define customized user settings for their agencies. Once administrators define these settings, they can save them and make them the user settings for all members of the agency. These customized settings will stay in place even after clearing all user default settings. There can be one set of default user settings per agency.

Administrators can also keep track of each version of settings created and revert back to old settings at any time using this functionality.

The Default User Settings tool in the Admin landing page contains the Default User Settings snap-in as well as the Default User Settings History snap-in.

Finding the Default User Settings Tool

  1. Open the Admin landing page.
  2. Navigate to Account Management > Default User Settings.

    The Default User Settings tool appears, which includes the Default User Settings snap-in and the Default User Settings History snap-in.

Updating the Default User Settings

  1. In the Default User Settings session, navigate to the Default User Settings snap-in.
  2. Add a new record.
  3. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.

    • Name: Type a name by which to identify the changes to the default user settings.
    • Agency: Select the agency from the drop-down list for which you want the settings to apply.
    • Force Update: If you select this check box, the update will occur when the user logs in again.
    • Force Date: This is a read-only field and will only be populated after the session is saved if the Force Update check box has been selected.
    • Notes: This is a free-text field in which you can type any notes you would like.

    The remaining fields in the row are read-only and will be automatically populated when the session is saved.

  4. Save the session.

    Note: If a previous row existed in the Default User Settings snap-in for the same agency for which you just created a new row, the previous row is moved to the Default User Settings History snap-in.

Default User Settings History Snap-in

The Default User Settings History snap-in records a history of all modifications made to an agency's default user settings. Whenever an administrator modifies the default user settings, the old version of the default user settings appears in a new row in this snap-in.

The Default User Setting History snap-in contains the following read-only fields:

  • Name: The name of the custom settings.
  • Agency: The agency that used these custom settings.
  • Notes: Any relevant notes about the custom settings.
  • Created By: The creator of the custom settings.
  • Created On: The date the custom settings were created.
  • Last Modified By: The modifier of the custom settings.
  • Last Modified On: The date the last time the custom settings were modified.

Loading Default User Settings

Variations of Default User Settings can be loaded at any time. Once you load User Settings, those settings will become the new Default User Settings for your agency.

Caution: You must close all open sessions before loading user settings.

  1. In the Default User Settings or Default User Settings History snap-in, select the row of the default user settings you wish to load.
  2. Select the Load User Settings icon .

    A dialog box will appear asking you if you are sure about loading the new user settings.

  3. Click OK.

    The default user settings have now been reset to the settings selected in Step 1.