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Report Management

JusticeWeb allows your organizations to publish reports to the web. Use the Report Management section to configure which JustWare reports will be available on JusticeWeb. To add reports to your JusticeWeb website, add a row to the Report Management snap-in and fill out the following fields:




Type the description that will be used to identify the report on the website.


Click the Browse button on the right side of the field to open up the Select a Report dialog box. Select the report you want available on JusticeWeb and click Select.

Report Type

Select the type for this report:

  • Public Report - publicly available on the JusticeWeb website.
  • Private Report - available only for JusticeWeb Users with active accounts.
  • Case-specific Report - available on a case-by-case basis. These reports will be available after the user clicks into the case. The user must have access to the case to access this report. If no reports exist for the case, the reports tab will not be available for the JusticeWeb user.

JusticeWeb Server

Select which server you want to publish the report on.


Type any free-text notes desired. These will not appear on the website.

Save the row and the report will be made available on your JusticeWeb website. To publish additional reports, add a row in the Report Management for each report.

Case-Specific Report Permissions

Use the Permissions snap-in in the Report Management session to provide security for Case-specific Reports by specifying which involvement types can access which reports. In the Available Reports snap-in, select a report and then select which involvements will have access to this report by selecting the check boxes in the Available For These Involvements snap-in.