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Snap-In Toolbar

Some snap-ins have an array of buttons located directly beneath their tabs. These arrays of buttons are called snap-in toolbars. The snap-in toolbar is the array of buttons located directly beneath a snap-in's tab. The buttons displayed may differ depending on your permissions.

Label Description
1. Move First Navigate to the first record.
2. Move Previous Navigate to the previous record.
3. Current Position Displays your current position in the grid.
4. Total Number of Items Displays the total number of items contained in this snap-in.
5. Move Next Navigate to the next record.
6. Move Last Navigate to the last record.
7. Add New Add a new record.
8. Delete Delete the record in focus.
9. Cancel Edit Cancel unsaved edits made to the record in focus.
10. Cancel All Edits Cancel all unsaved edits made in the snap-in.
11. Copy Record Copy the current record.
12. Edit Multiple Records Edit multiple records, making the same change to multiple records.
13. Customize Snap-in Customize which fields are visible, and change the wording of any field in the snap-in.
14. Cancel All Filters Cancel all active filters within the snap-in.
15. Select All Rows Select all rows in the snap-in.
16. Send To Send a copy of a filing cabinet document to an email recipient, a printer, or a selected location.