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Agency Time Tracking

Track time for multiple people in your organization in the My JustWare Agency Time Tracking session. In this convenient My JustWare session, a list of open cases on which each agency person is actively involved can be viewed and time tracking records for each agency person can be created or edited.

Creating an Agency Time Tracking Record

  1. Open the My JustWare Agency Time Tracking session.
  2. In the Agency Persons snap-in, select the name of the appropriate agency person. Open cases the agency person is involved in appear in the Case Involvements (Read Only) snap-in. All pending and submitted time tracking records for the selected agency person appear in the Time Tracking snap-in. For more information, see Case Involvements.
  3. Click the Time Tracking snap-in.
  4. Add a new record.
  5. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.

    • Case: Select the case for which you are tracking time from the list. Only cases on which you are an involved person appear in this list.
      Tip: If a case in the[Case Involvements snap-in is in focus, that case title auto-populates in this field when a new time tracking record is created.
    • Time Fields: Use the Start, Duration, and End fields to record the event's timeframe. The three fields are linked together. If you fill in any two of these fields, the third will automatically populate.

      • Start: Type the time tracking start date and time or select the date from the drop-down calendar.
      • Duration: Type the time tracking duration in minutes, hours, days, months, or years, including the unit (e.g. for 2 days, type 2d).
      • End: Type the time tracking end date and time or select the date from the drop-down calendar.

      To automatically record the start time, duration, and end time for a time tracking record:

      1. Select the Start field. Press the space bar to record the current start time.
      2. When the task is completed, select the End field and press the space bar again to record the current end time and total duration.
    • Status: Select the time tracking status from the list. Generally, a status of "pending" indicates a time tracking record that will be updated before submitting. A status of "submitted" indicates a time tracking record that has been completed and submitted for review. Once a time tracking record is saved with a status of "submitted" it no longer appears in the Time Tracking snap-in.

      Note: The choices in this list are defined by your JustWare Administrator according to your organization's guidelines.

    • Type: Select the time tracking type from the list (i.e. data entry, court, research, meeting, etc.).

    • Notes: Type any related notes in this free-text field.
  6. Save the session.