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JustWare displays your organization's specialized reports in the Reports group. Data in reports is not editable, but reports themselves can be configured to display data exactly to your specifications. Reports can pull any data stored in JustWare and can be formatted for reference or statistical analysis.

Note: Changes made to the notification background and text colors will not be represented in the corresponding reports until the user settings are saved.

Reports can be included in session snap-ins in different JustWare views.

Note: Talk to your administrator about adding specialized reports or adding certain reports to session views.

JustWare reports can be accessed one of two ways:

  • The Reports dropdown on the top of open session group lists all reports available for the current session.
  • All System and Custom reports are stored in the Reports landing page, under the Reports section. System Reports will open in a new session and display your reports as a tree view reflecting how they are organized by your JustWare Administrator. Default folders include Case, My JustWare, Name, and System (where customized reports usually appear). Additional folders and reports may be available according to their organization by your JustWare Administrator. Your access to these reports is integrated with your login security.

    Because reports accessed from System Reports are not associated with any active session, you may be required to provide additional information used as a filter when the report generates (i.e. case ID, name ID, etc.).

Printing Reports

Note: If you need to print a barcode on a report, the barcode font must be installed on the Report Server. This barcode font installer (BarcodeFontInstaller.msi) can be found in the Redist folder on the JustWare Web Server.

The Redist folder should be located at c:\inetpub\wwwroot[INSTALLNAME]Redist

  1. Click the Print button on the Report toolbar. The standard print dialog box will open.
  2. Select your desired print options and click OK.

    The report will print to the selected printer.

Exporting Reports

Click the Export button on the Report toolbar and select the format to which the report will be exported.

The report will be exported to the format you select.

JustWare Report Options

Many JustWare reports include several interactive options like drill-down lists, charts and graphs, and hyperlinks. These report options allow you to view information in readable formats and access important data easily.

  • Filters: Most JustWare System Reports require you to select criteria on which to filter the results of the report. Filters are easy to specify, usually requiring you to select one or more values from a list (often a date range). After selecting your filter criteria, click the View Report button to generate the filtered report.
  • Charts and Graphs: In addition to displaying important aggregate information, charts and graphs often include interactive options. Each bar on a bar graph, for example, can be a hyperlink to another report or a JustWare session.
  • Drill-Down Lists: Some reports list information in groups, the headers of which can have drill-down functionality. Expand a drill-down list by clicking the plus button (+). Collapse a drill-down list by clicking the minus button(-).
  • Hyperlinks: Many reports include hyperlinks that open name or case records. Clicking the hyperlink will open the name or case record in the default view set for that record type in the Default View Settings. Additionally, some reports include hyperlinks that open other reports.
  • Interactive Sorting: Reports often include interactive sorting, allowing you to specify an ascending or descending sort on one or more fields by clicking a sort button. An up arrow indicates the report has been sorted in ascending order. A down arrow indicates the report has been sorted in descending order.