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Payment History

All payments taken in JustWare can be viewed in the Payment History. From the Payment History snap-in, payments can be viewed and voided. Only payments that were taken by the Collecting Agency specified in the snap-in toolbar will appear in the Payment History snap-in. Use the Date Range control in the snap-in toolbar to change the date range that is shown.

From the Payment History snap-in you can void a payment. To void a payment, find the payment in the Payment History snap-in and change the status to Void. Notes and Reference Number can also be edited from the Payment History snap-in.

Other fields listed in the Payment History snap-in cannot be edited but are provided to assist in identifying payment records. The following are fields that are listed in the Payment History snap-in:

Field Description
Receipt Number A hyperlinked Receipt Number that will open the receipt when clicked.
Payment Status A drop-down menu that allows you to set the status for a payment.
Non-Case Payment A checkbox that specifies whether the payment is a Non-Case Payment, or if it is related to a case.
Payment Type Displays the method of payment that was used for the payment.
Received Date Displays the date the payment was taken.
Amount Displays the total amount of the payment.
Reference Number Displays the reference number that was recorded with the payment. This number can be used for a variety of reasons, including check numbers, transaction numbers, etc.
Payer Displays the name record that is linked to the payment. On Non-Case Payments this field is not required so the field may be blank.
Notes Displays any notes related to the payment.
Received By Displays the name of the user that received the payment.
Collecting Agency Displays the name of the Collecting Agency that took the payment.