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Physical Location

The physical location of cases can be recorded and tracked in the JustWare case session. Establishing physical locations provides a way to track more precisely a case's location. This not only makes it easy to find cases, but it also provides users with a detailed history of the physical locations of cases.

The Physical Location snap-in in an open case session can be used to establish a case's original location and change its location.

Note: The Physical Location Utility can be used to manage an entire physical location unit from one screen. You can reassign cases to different physical locations, use a log to record and review pertinent notes related to a physical location, check for potential conflicts for a physical location assignment, and review a broad range of data related to a case record. To access this utility and utilize these features, find the Physical Location in the Tools section under Case Tools.

Creating a Physical Location Record

  1. Click the Physical Location snap-in in an open case session.
  2. Add a new record. Tip: Alternatively, you may use a barcode scanner to create a new record. A barcode for adding a record row to this snap-in is available on the Barcode Masterlist Case and Exhibit Owners System Report.
  3. For each record row, you have the choice of selecting either a name from the Location field or a location from the Physical Location field to track a case's location. Both fields cannot be used in the same record row.

    • To select a name, use the Location field. For example, select the person who will be taking physical possession of the case for a period of time.
    • To select a physical location, use the Physical Location field. For example, select the place where the case will be physically located.

    Tip: You may use barcodes from the Barcode Masterlist Case and Exhibit Owners System Report to complete the Location or Physical Location fields.

  4. Type any related notes in the free-text Notes field.

  5. Save the session. The remaining fields are automatically populated.

    Note: If the maximum capacity of the physical location selected has been reached, you will not be able to save the record row.

Caution: Once a record has been saved to the Physical Location snap-in, it cannot be edited.

Tip: If the location of a case is changed using JustWare's Location Assignment feature in the Utilities group, the Physical Location snap-in will be updated automatically.