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Creating a Case

  1. Search for a case using the Search bar.
  2. If the correct case does not appear in the results of the case lookup , you can add a new case by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to Cases and selecting "New Case"
    • Clicking "New Case" opens up a pop up window.
    • If a case record is currently open and New Case Same Type is clicked, a new case record opens in a new tab in the same displayed view and with the same Case Type as the existing case record.
  3. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field.



    Case Type

    If this field has not been automatically populated, you may select the Case Type from the list.

    Case Title

    This is automatically generated after save and is editable thereafter.


    Select the status from the list.

    Status Date

    Type the status date or select the date from the drop-down calendar. The status of a case can change throughout the case. Each time the case status field changes, the status date also changes. JustWare keeps a history of case status changes, as well as the status dates.

    Received Date

    Type the received date or select the date from the drop-down calendar.

    Note: Each organization has a specific policy on using this field. Generally, the received date refers either to the date your organization received the case or the date that it was entered into JustWare.

    Agency Added By

    Specify the Agency of the active user. This list is populated by the agencies listed in the Agency code table.

  4. Clicking the finish button will create the case and open it in the new tab.

  5. A primary involved person must be added in the Case Involved People snap-in before the case can be saved.
  6. Save the Case by clicking the Save Case button.