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Auto Case Number Generation

Auto Case Number Generation is a convenient administrative tool that allows you to consistently meet in-house case management requirements for agency case numbers by automatically adding agency numbers to a case. Administrators can customize Auto Case Number Generation to the specific needs of an agency. Auto Case Number Generation makes the data entry process easier and more accurate.

Auto Case Number Generation keeps track of numbers assigned and consecutively increments new numbers when an agency creates a new case session, based on administration requirements. Specified agencies and agency numbers are automatically populated in the Agencies snap-in. You can create an auto case number generation based on Agency, Number Type, Agency Added By, or Case Type.

Tip: Agencies can be automatically populated in the Agencies snap-in when creating a new case without a number being inserted in the Number field. This makes auto-number generation useful even if an agency does not create numbers when performing data entry but wants certain agencies involved in every case.

Session Snap-In List
Case Agencies All Fields

Finding the Auto Case Number Generation Tool

  1. Open the Admin landing page.
  2. Navigate to Cases > Case Numbers.

    The Auto Case Number Generation tool appears in the Tracking Numbers snap-in.

Tip: To access this code table through the Code Tables master list in the General Configuration group, click admTrackingNum.