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  1. To use the Notes snap-in, simply create a new row by pressing Ctrl+I or clicking the + button.
  2. Once a new row has been added, type the note in the Notes field. To bring up the Text Editor, click on the icon in the Notes field. There are a few other fields available to help when taking notes.




    Free text field

    Date Taken

    This field will automatically populate with today's date and time. You can change it by selecting a different date and time from the drop-down calendar.

    Taken By

    This field will automatically populate with your name. You can change the Taken By name by typing different search criteria and clicking the search button or pressing Enter to perform a name lookup.


    Select this check box to make this note private.

    Note: Only the person entering the case note (auto-populated in the Created By field), the person specified in the Taken By field (if different than the person entering the note), and anyone with specific privileges (defined by your organization) will be able to view a private note.

    Tip: Privileges to view private notes by users other than the persons specified in the Created By and Taken By fields are handled through application parameters and data partitioning. Consult your JustWare Administrator for assistance.

    Note Type

    Select the type of note from the drop-down list.