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Discovery Packet Usage Report

The Discovery Packet Usage report displays amounts paid and amount due by name record. It also displays the download history for each name record.

This report can be used to determine how much a name has paid for a given date range, or it can be used for billing purposes for those involvement types that are set to Bill Me. It will also show the date of each transaction.

This report is found in System Reports.

The Discovery Packet Usage report can be filtered by the following multi-select parameters:

Parameter Description
Start/End Date Specify the date range for the report by entering a date and a time. For example, set the date to one month.
Agency Specify an agency to narrow the report to just that agency.
Name Specify a name to limit the report to a single name record.
Payment Status Specify which payment statuses (Bill Me, Paid, etc.) to be displayed in the report.
Show Download History Specify if the download history will be displayed.
Report View Specify if the report is collapsed or expanded when it is generated.

Note: It is your organization's responsibility to send the bill. JustWare will not do this automatically.