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Adjusting Entry

If financial obligations are entered incorrectly, or if obligation amounts or name records are changed after they are entered as obligations, you must complete an adjusting entry. These adjusting entries ensure that a complete and accurate history of each financial obligation is maintained.

A voided payment allocated to an adjusting entry will be displayed in this snap-in.

Creating Adjusting Entries

  1. Click the Adjusting Entry snap-in in the open session.
  2. Add a new record.
  3. Enter all applicable information in the fields provided.

    Some fields may be required while others are not. Contact your JustWare Administrator to learn which fields are required for your organization.



    Adjustment Type

    Select the adjustment type from the list.


    Select the obligation from the list; all obligations entered in the case's Financials snap-in will be available.

    Adjustment Amount

    Enter the positive or negative amount to correct or update the original obligation.

    Tip: To enter a negative amount, use the - sign. After you click off of this field, the minus sign will be replaced with parentheses. For example, if you type in "-10" it will be replaced with "($10.00)."

    Current Adjusted Amount

    This field is read-only. When the record is saved, the adjusted amount will automatically populate with the corrected amount of the obligation.

    The remaining fields in the record row will be populated after the session is saved.

  4. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)

Editing And Deleting Adjusting Entries

You cannot edit an adjusting entry once it has been saved. You must complete an additional adjusting entry to correct any error.

You cannot delete an adjusting entry. You must create an additional adjusting entry that corrects any error.