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Customize Snap-In Button Access

The Customize Snap-in Button allows users to change the look of every snap-in in JustWare. It provides a quick and easy way for the user to personalize the snap-ins that they use on a daily basis by changing the names of the snap-in or the column headers within the snap-in. The Customize Snap-in Button is only accessible to those with permission to use it. Granting permission to use the tool involves a simple change in the Profile Attributes code table.

  1. In the Admin landing page, navigate to Account Management > Security Profiles.
  2. Select the member to whom you want to grant access from the Profile Members snap-in.

    Note: If the member does not appear in the group, you must add them.

  3. Create a new row in the Profile Attributes snap-in.

  4. Specify CustomizeSnapInSettings in the Attribute field by selecting it from the drop-down box provided.
  5. In the Value field, type true.
  6. Save the session.
  7. Restart JustWare.

    The Customize Snap-in button will now appear on every snap-in in JustWare.