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What Is JustWare?

Developed by Journal Technologies, JustWare is one of the most powerful and flexible case management tools available. Case management software (or CMS) provides organizations with an electronic means of managing their caseloads. JustWare is a complete case management system in one package; it gives you the ability to save case and name information, automate document and form generation, track and collect financial obligations, and more. Rather than simply keeping track of information, JustWare helps you to save time and resources by increasing efficiency and automating important tasks and workflows.

Although you may have never used case management software before, JustWare utilizes a number of conventions that are familiar to most computer users. Anyone who feels comfortable working with Windows programs or browsing the Internet will be able to perform basic functions inside JustWare in just a short time.

Installing JustWare

JustWare is a Smart Client application, meaning that users download it from a URL via their Web browser. Your JustWare Administrator will provide the URL that you need to download JustWare.

Installation Prerequisites

All prerequisites listed on the JustWare installation page will automatically install during the installation process. Depending on your system configuration, installation may take several minutes.


  1. Type your JustWare URL address in your browser address bar and press Enter. The JustWare installation page opens.
  2. Click the Install button to begin installation. JustWare opens once installation is complete.

Starting JustWare

JustWare can be started from the Windows Start menu and is typically found in the Journal Technologies, Inc subfolder. Select JustWare 6 from the menu.

By default, JustWare opens to the My JustWare screen.

JustWare's opening screen consolidates a lot of information in one place to maximize efficiency.

Like the dashboard on a car, the My JustWare screen gives you a quick glance of critical information. While this opening screen might look busy and complicated at first, as you become more familiar with JustWare you will start to understand how this hub of information can help you to maximize efficiency.

Exiting JustWare

You can exit JustWare by using any of the standard Windows conventions:

  • Select File | Exit.
  • Press Alt+ F4.
  • Click the red Close button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Double-click the Control Menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

If you have made any unsaved changes, JustWare will prompt you to save.

Caution: To avoid losing unsaved data, never turn off your computer before completely exiting JustWare.