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Creating Account Request

JusticeWeb has been designed to allow you the flexibility to customize what information is asked for on the Account Request form. By using JusticeWeb System Administration, you can specify field types and properties for those field types, and they will be inserted dynamically into the Account Request model dialog box in the JusticeWeb Web site.

For more detailed descriptions on the various snap-ins available to control the JusticeWeb Web site, see JusticeWeb System Administration.

This flexibility allows you to change and edit your Account Request form anytime it is needed. The following set of steps will walk you through setting up an Account Request form and show you how to define the fields that will be used in the Web site.

  1. Create new pages in the Page Configuration snap-in that will make up the new account request.
  2. Create a new request type in the Request Type snap-in.
  3. In the Page Ordering snap-in, add the pages you created to the newly created Account Request.


  • Be sure to specify whether the field will be required by selecting the Required check box.
  • Username, Password, and Email will automatically be added to the Account Request form, so you do not need to add them to the Request Field snap-in.
  • To view the newly configured Account Request form, click on the New Account link (or whatever you named the request) in your JusticeWeb Web site. You may need to refresh the browser session. Also, ensure that the new account is configured to work on the Web site in the Request Type Configuration snap-in.
  • The above example walks you through the process of creating a single request page. Each request can have multiple pages. See Page Ordering for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the page ordering.
  • To have an account be auto accepted, set the Default Queued Status as a code type of 2 - Approve.