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Editing a Voucher Record

The two fields that can be edited in the Vouchers snap-in are Status and Notes.

  1. Click the Vouchers snap-in in any open vouchers session.
  2. Navigate to the record row for the voucher you would like to edit.
  3. If desired, make a selection from the Status drop-down list. Additionally, you may add free-text notes to the Notes field.


    • If you have more than one voucher to edit (i.e., a large number of checks to reconcile), you may find it easier to click on the Edit Multiple Records button.
    • After vouchers have cleared your organization's financial institution, you can set the Status field to Reconciled. After saving, the reconciled record row is removed from the Vouchers snap-in.
  4. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)