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Case Involved People

People involved in a case can be documented in JustWare, making it easy to record and reference useful information about them and their involvement with the case. This snap-in also includes a convenient hyperlink to the name session of any involved person.

Adding a Case Involved Person

  1. Click the Case Involved People snap-in in any open session.
  2. Enter all applicable information in the fields provided.

    Some fields may be required while others are not. Contact your JustWare Administrator to learn which fields are required for your organization. Below are some tips to remember when entering information.

    Fast-Path: Specify Involvement, and Name; click Save Case.




    If the involved person does not belong to an agency (e.g. witness, victim, defendant), this field is left blank. Only agencies listed in the Agencies snap-in will be included in this list.


    If an agency has been selected, only involvement types that correspond with the agency will be included in this list.


    The options in this list will be determined by the selections made in the Agency and Involvement fields.

    Changing the name of the Case Involved Person will cascade that change throughout the case. Meaning, the new name will be changed on all events, tasks, financial obligations, etc. If a payment has been taken for the Case Involved Person, JustWare will restrict you from changing the name.


    This field can be configured to serve a customized purpose for your organization.


    Clear this check box to mark this record as inactive. If a person is marked inactive, they cannot be involved in any future case events.

    Caution: If a record is marked as inactive and is deleted, then all session history information related to that record will also be deleted. To preserve session history information for an inactive record, do not delete it.

    By default, when adding a new involved person, this check box will be selected, marking the record as active.

    Active Date

    Type the date the person became actively involved with the case or select the date from the drop-down calendar.

    Inactive Date

    Type the date the person was no longer actively involved with the case or select the date from the drop-down calendar.


    Select the name of the person for which the current person is involved. For example, if involving a defense attorney, select the person the attorney is defending.

    Note: This field is a way to relate case involved people to each other (i.e. minor to guardian, client to attorney if multiple attorneys or clients are related to the case, etc.). Only people related to the case are listed.

    Arrest Date

    Type the arrest date or select the date from the drop-down calendar.


    Type any related notes in this free-text field.

    Agency Number

    This drop-down list is populated from the Number and Agency fields in the Agencies snap-in.