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Document Scanning

The Document Scanning session utilizes TWAIN scanning functionality to regulate communication with name and case records in JustWare. This functionality allows you to quickly and easily scan, organize, and queue related single- and multi-page documents. Once documents are scanned, you can easily direct multiple documents to the filing cabinet of a single record or multiple records.

Important: Not all implementations of JustWare have the Document Scanning utility available, as this is an additional, paid service. Contact your JustWare Administrator to find out if your organization has purchased the Document Scanning utility. The ability to scan barcodes through a document scanner is also an additional, paid service.

Choosing a Scanner

  1. From the menu toolbar, click Tools | Basic Setup | Document Scanner Settings .
  2. Choose the desired scanner from the list, and click Select.

Initiating a Scan

  1. Search for a Case or Name using the search toolbar or the search icon (next to the home icon).
  2. Choose a case or name record from the list of search results.
  3. Open the Filing Cabinet session from the top right dropdown button next to the Reports dropdown.
  4. In the Filing Cabinet Snap in press 'Ctrl + Q' or click on the More button to see a list of available options and select Scan Document.
  5. A Document Scanning pop up box will appear.The following default import settings can be defined before scanning:



    File Name

    By default, the document is save as Scanned Document.Change the name of a scanned document to something more descriptive before you save it to a filing cabinet.

    Scan as

    This is a required field. Select a file format for the scan from the options provided.

    Note: The OCR PDF (.pdf) option creates a two-layer PDF to enable the recognition of typewritten or printed text separately from the image. The original scanned image comprises the lower layer, while the top layer is comprised of the recognizable text.

    Tip: If you are scanning a multi-page document with a document feeder, select .pdf format.


    With this check box selected, a document that is skewed, or slanted, will be rotated automatically so that the alignment is corrected. With this check box not selected, the text and/or images will remain at an angle if the scan creates a slanted document. Note: If OCR PDF (.pdf) was selected for the file format, then the Deskew check box will be selected automatically.

    Save settings as Quick Scan Defaults

    Since scanning long documents can be a lengthy process, users may choose to save the settings as default using Save settings as Quick Scan Defaults check box selected.Quick Scan option can be accessed the same way Scan Documents is or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q.

  6. Select how the pages scanned will be interpreted by JustWare. The options listed below are only available for .pdf format. If a multi-page document is scanned with any other selected format, each page is listed as a separate document.

    Note: If multiple documents with barcodes are scanned together as a single document, only the first barcode read will populate the Agency Number field.



    Scan all pages into a single document

    Use this option to create a single document record row in the Imported Documents snap-in.

    Use blank page separators

    Use this option to recognize a blank, white page as a separator between several documents. Each document, regardless of length, is listed on its own record row in the Imported Documents snap-in.

    Tip: The outer one-third inch perimeter of the page is disregarded when determining if the page is "blank." For example, if a white piece of paper has nothing on it except for a thin border near the very edge of the page, the page is treated as a blank page separator.

    Scan every X page(s) as a separate document

    Use this option to set the number of pages that should be considered a single document. This option is helpful for scanning multiple documents that all have the same number of pages. For example, to separate a 32-page scan into eight documents of four pages each, set this option to Scan every 4 page(s) as a separate document. This will list eight document record rows in the Imported Documents snap-in.

  7. Click the Scan button to start scanning. A scan settings dialog box will open. Specify these settings and initiate the scan.

Saving Scanned Documents to a Case or Name Filing Cabinet

  1. Save the Session. (Click Save button or Ctrl+S)

    The selected documents are saved to the appropriate filing cabinet.