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Modifier/Enhancer Code Table

The Modifier/Enhancer code table can be used to record more specific and accurate information instead of only broad charges. For example, a charge of "Robbery" can be enhanced with "Attempted."

This code table is populated in part by data contained in codes tables accessed via the Statute Prerequisites link and should be completed after those code tables are completed.

This code table populates a drop-down list that can be found in the designated snap-in of the following session type:

Session Snap-In List
Case Modify/Enhance Modifier/Enhancer

Creating Modifier/Enhancer Codes

  1. Open the Admin landing page.
  2. Navigate to Statutes > Statute Modifier/Enhancer.

    The Modifier/Enhancer code table will be displayed in the Modifier/Enhancer snap-in.

  3. Add a new record.

  4. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field. Some fields may be required while others are not.

    • Code: Type a brief, unique code used to reference the corresponding item description.
    • Description: Type a description that the user will view in the lists populated by this code table.
    • Penalty: Type a description of the default penalty.
    • Class: Select the class from the list.
    • Severity: Select the severity from the list.
    • Source: Select the source from the list.
    • Charge ID: Type the charge ID.
    • Template: This field may be used to select data to be inserted in a template.
    • Notes: Type any related notes in this free-text field.
    • Activation Date: Type or select the date from which the code will be in use.
    • Expiration Date: Type or select the date upon which the code will become inactive.
    • Comparison Date: Select the date type to be used in conjunction with the Activation Date and Expiration Date to determine whether the statute is currently active or inactive.

      • Today's Date: This is the current date on the client machine.
      • Occurred Date: This is the date the charge occurred.
      • Case Received Date
    • Category: Select the category from the list.]{#11}

    • Short Description: Type a short description of the modifier/enhancer.
  5. Save the session.

Copying Modifier/Enhancer Codes

A modifier/enhancer record row, along with all of its statute text and statute attribute information, may be copied to create a new modifier/enhancer.

To copy a modifier/enhancer record row:

  1. In the Modifier/Enhancer code table, select the record row you would like to copy.
  2. Click the Copy Record button or press Ctrl+Shift+W. A copy screen opens.
  3. Enter the number of copies you would like to create.
  4. Click Copy in the Actions group of the Explorer toolbar or press Ctrl+Shift+S. The record row is copied, and the copy screen closes.
  5. Make any desired changes to the new modifier/enhancer(s).
  6. Save the session.

Merging Modifier/Enhancer Codes

If two modifier/enhancer codes are merged in the Modifier/Enhancer code table and they both have statute attribute information, the modifier/enhancer that was merged into will display all the statute attribute information for both modifiers/enhancers. The merged information, however, is not displayed until after the session is refreshed.

To understand what happens when you merge two modifier/enhancer codes, consider this example where Modifier/Enhancer B is merged into Modifier/Enhancer A:

  • If Modifier/Enhancer A and Modifier/Enhancer B each have the same three attributes, Modifier/Enhancer B's attributes are inserted below Modifier/Enhancer A's attributes. The result is that Modifier/Enhancer A has six attributes, and three of them are duplicates.
  • If Modifier/Enhancer A and Modifier/Enhancer B each have an entry in the Notes field of the Modifier/Enhancer code table, those notes are combined in the Notes field of Modifier/Enhancer A.

Note: It is recommended to review merged modifiers/enhancers prior to executing any statute-related business rules to ensure the intended results are achieved.

Statute Attributes Code Table

The codes in the Statute Attributes code table add another layer of definition to the statutes. For example, you can assign a statute an attribute of "Minimum Sentence (Duration)" and a duration of "2 years."

Adding Statute Attributes Codes

  1. Open the Admin landing page.
  2. Navigate to Statutes > Statute Setup.

    The Statute Attributes code table will be displayed in the Statute Attributes snap-in.

  3. The Statute Attributes code table has a child relationship with the Modifier/Enhancer code table. (The correct modifier/enhancer record row must be selected for the accurate addition and display of attributes.) In the Modifier/Enhancer snap-in, select the record row for which you would like to add an attribute.

  4. Click the Statute Attributes snap-in.
  5. Add a new record.
  6. Select or type all required and relevant data for each available field:

    Field Description
    Attribute Select the type of attribute you would like to further define. The selection you make determines which of the remaining attribute-related fields you need to complete. For example, if you select an Attribute that has a "Duration" MasterCode, you must complete the Duration field, but you cannot save data in the Money field. If the drop-down list does not contain the attribute you desire, you can add attribute types using the Statute Attribute Type code table.
    Duration, Money, Numeric, OR Text/Hyperlink Complete one of the following fields, as applicable to your selection in the Attribute field.
    Duration: Type a length of time. For example, type "9mo" for "9 months."
    Money: Type a currency value.
    Numeric: Type a numeric value.
    Text/Hyperlink: Type text or the address hyperlink that will take the user to the desired Web site. A hyperlink address must include http:// or https:// and be in the format to link correctly.
    Notes This field may be completed regardless of which type of attribute has been selected. Type any related notes in this free-text field.
  7. Save the session.

Note: Use the Copy Record button to copy a statute attribute to one or more modifier/enhancer records.