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Basic Setup

Configure your JustWare client settings such as font size, color, default views, barcode scanners, and document scanners.

  • General User Settings: Customize various aspects of the JustWare client.
    • Font Size: Specify the font size for text throughout JustWare. Default is 10 points, but you can make it smaller or larger to enhance readability. You must close any open sessions before changing the font size. Font size 12 is only available if the DPI for your computer's text size is set to the standard 96 pixels per inch.
    • Default Mail Client: Specify which email client to use for email correspondence:
      • Outlook: JustWare will use Microsoft Outlook as your email client when sending email correspondence. If this option is selected, email templates that your administrator may have set up for email correspondence can be used.
      • Default Mail Client: JustWare will use your default mail client when sending email correspondence. If this option is selected, only the subject line of an email template is used. If there is not an email template set up for email correspondence in your office, the subject line defaults to the correspondence description followed by the case ID and no information is inserted into the body of the email.
      • No Mail Client: JustWare will not use a mail client and will not open an email for a new email correspondence.
    • Enable Pop-Ups: Enable to receive pop-up event reminders.
    • Color Preferences: Select colors used in different situations in JustWare:
      • Active Snap-In Border: Defines the color that highlights the active snap-in.
      • Duplicate Number: Defines the text and background color of numbers that are duplicates of others in the database.
      • Juvenile: Defines the text and background color of a juvenile's name.
      • Sealed: Defines the text and background color of the notification that shows on sealed cases and rows.
    • Clear JustWare Cache: Use these to update your sessions and settings:
      • Update Code Tables: JustWare automatically downloads and stores all code tables locally on your hard drive. This tool allows you to clear those cached code tables, which is necessary for data conversion reviews.
      • Clear Cached Sessions: Select to clear all cached sessions that have been stored to speed up your JustWare experience. This also clears all session definitions and the schema cache.
  • Barcode: Enable barcode scanning and adjust scanning speed.
  • Default View: Customize the sessions views shown to make them more accomodating to your viewing and data entry needs. Change which view is shown when creating or viewing names and cases as well as the initial view shown on your start page or when accessing dockets.
  • Document Scanner Settings: Specify the scanner used to scan documents.
  • Show Log File: Select to show a log of all JustWare activity during your session. This can be used for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Change Domain Password: Change your password used for both JustWare and the domain on which JustWare is hosted.