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JustWare snap-ins are the tabs found in each JustWare session. A snap-in container is an individual data window in JustWare that contains one or more snap-ins. Snap-ins are customizable and may look different from one view to another, based on permissions. They can be one of two types:

  • Data Entry Snap-ins allow you to type data and update records.
  • Report snap-ins allow you to view summaries of data in a report format.

The information contained in snap-ins is typically divided into columns and rows. This grid format allows users to easily sort data. By clicking a gray column header you can sort the information in a snap-in by the selected column. For example, if you clicked on the Date column header in a snap-in, the data would be sorted by date. Clicking a column header once will sort the data in ascending order, while clicking a second time will sort the data in descending order.

You can further organize data in a snap-in by filtering. Filtering allows you to view only rows of information that meet criteria that you specify. Any column that has a filter icon in the column header can be used to filter data. Clicking this icon displays a drop-down list of options. Click one of these options to hide any rows of information that do not match your selection. If the snap-in contains additional column headers with filter icons, these can be used to further narrow down the data that is displayed.

Other snap-in options and actions include:

  • Working with the Snap-in Toolbar
  • Changing Snap-in Views - Grid View and Current Record View
  • Deleting Snap-in Records
  • Copying Snap-in Records
  • Editing Multiple Snap-in Records

Note: If you make changes to a snap-in or session, an asterisk will appear at the end of the snap-in or session name to indicate that a change has been made.