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Locked Documents

The Locked Documents admin session provides the ability to review what filing cabinet documents JustWare users currently have checked out and locked for modification from other users. See Read-Only Files in the Filing Cabinet for more information about locks.

Administrators can also force a document to be unlocked for access from this session. This ability is useful in situations where a user has locked a document and is unable to release the lock normally or when a lock has been obtained for an extended amount of time and needs to be released.

Unlocking Documents

  1. Select a row from the upper AppPerson snap-in. Each row represents a JustWare user that has at least one document lock. The Documents snap-in at the bottom of the session will then populate with the documents that user has a lock for. The AppPerson snap-in has the following read-only fields:

    • Locked By: The name of the JustWare user with locked documents.
    • Locked Date: The date and time the JustWare user last obtained a lock on a document.
    • User Description: The log-on name of the JustWare user.
  2. Review what documents the selected user has locked in the Documents snap-in. The Documents snap-in has the following fields:

    • Unlock Documents: Use this checkbox to select this document for unlocking.
    • EventID: The database event ID for this document.
    • User Description: The log-on name of the JustWare user holding the lock on this document.
    • Case File Name: For case documents, the name of the document.
    • CaseID: For case documents, the CaseID of the parent case for this document.
    • Name File Name: For name documents, the name of the document.
    • Name: For name documents, the parent name for this document.
  3. Check the Unlock Documents checkbox on the documents rows for the files to be unlocked.

  4. Save the session. The locks on the selected documents will now be released and the newly unlocked documents will be removed from the Documents snap-in. If the user does not have any documents locks remaining, the user will also be removed from the AppPerson snap-in.