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Business Rule Guidelines

  • There can only be one trigger per business rule. A result does not turn into a trigger to which another result can be attached. A separate business rule must be created for a different trigger, even if this trigger is the same as the result of a business rule.
  • If a business rule has a trigger of an event status update, the Non-scheduled Workflows must include a snap-in name field of event: Events in order for event status changes made from a pop-up reminder window to trigger the business rule. If a snap-in name of name: Events or case: Events is specified exclusively, the business rule will not be triggered by an event status change from a pop-up reminder.
  • Business rules with financial triggers can only have financial results.
  • Financial results can be included in a business rule with any trigger type. It is necessary to use discretion, however, when creating a business rule of this type because a financial obligation cannot be created for a case that does not include at least one charge. Business rules that include financial obligation results will not work in such a scenario.
  • Business rule results must be dragged and dropped within the dotted outline of the business rule trigger to be included in that trigger activity workflow.
  • The Business Rule Editor does not check SQL code prior to running it. It is recommended that to avoid errors, SQL code should be written in SQL Server Management Studio and then pasted into JustWare's Business Rule Editor to take advantage of SQL Server Management Studio's code checking features.

Caution: Care needs to be taken when setting up business rules that are affected by complementary programs such as JDA. For example, if a business rule is fired by the insertion of a document, which in turn generates new documents, then the generated document records created in JustWare will not link to actual documents. If a change is made in a JustWare session that does not contain a filing cabinet snap-in and that change triggers a business rule to generate a new document, then the document will not be generated.